MSP Vouchers is your one-stop solution for digital Vouchers and Coupon Directories

Our mobile coupon platform manages digital Voucher creation, distribution, validation, and analysis.

Furthermore, you easily gather customer data and statistics to increase sales and grow your business.

Benefits for your customers

Mobile vouchers are very convenient, increasingly popular, and here to stay.

Mobile vouchers are received through and stored in consumers’ smartphones, which are always at hand.

Consumers receive and claim mobile vouchers instantly.  Digital vouchers tempt consumers to take action.

Easily add gamification to your existing marketing efforts and offer your audience wonderful digital experiences. Gamified coupons trigger and stimulate impulsive purchases and interaction.

Benefits for your Business/Shopping Center

As a business you shouldn’t miss out on important opportunities to target mobile consumers through their smartphones. MSP Vouchers is your ideal business partner for this endeavor.

Our broad range of advanced promotional features allows you to get the most out of mobile marketing and ultimately generate more revenue for your business.

Our platform is the best solution for collecting actionable and valuable customer data in a manageable and legal way.

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Media Partners is a News Portal Directory Service covering all South African districts

Acting as a media partner, we strive to showcase and offer local and national platforms for companies to promote and grow their business brand and market share.

For Media Owners!

The Media Partners develops and monetize digital properties for media owners. We help our clients generate new revenue streams.

Our VISION is to bridge the divide between traditional and the digital age.

Our MISSION is to target and reach audiences in all corners of South Africa

  • Online Advertising
  • Facebook & Google Advertising

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